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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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during yet he still want to have a day surgery adding seven more centimeters to the self-confidence she took told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or so i call you so what a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations. happy new year and welcome to spotlight the interview show on r.t. a modern oven today my guest is but because france has always been very special in terms of music french singers french music has always fascinated people around the globe though not everybody knows the language what's so different what's
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so special about these french shall so new year the show also needs hall says the woman who knows simply isn't what was half a shock us the woman sayings pop music a sense jazz some call her the new added piaf but it was a cause is my guests on the show today. patrice a classes success story it reads like a modern fairy tale the youngest of seven children born to the family of announced last miner turned into an international star what made the miracle happen was patrice's extraordinary hosking voice combined with what continues traveling for self perfection shot to fame in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the group was a chandelier blues city stamped the truth has sold eighteen million c.d.'s across the world the french star is particularly popular in russia which she calls her second home. cast has been
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a frequent visitor to russia over the last twenty years as the food was russian artists and even sung songs in russian the latest album is a tribute to the legendary it is he after the french a little sparrow died fifty years ago and left a legacy of more to music which is just as much the similar france has a full tower patricio cast infused new life into the old cubans with more than arrangements she's now on the world to carrying the atmosphere of the first half of the twentieth century paris to thing news around the globe. thank you very much thank you very much for coming received here and my my first question is about is very your first concert in russia actually in the soviet union you were were among the first big western stars that came to the u.s. sorry you've broken the ice you had a concert in red square was it as
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a matter of fact hard to organize this this country concert does get was it was a big problem. where you don't really i don't know i don't know because it was it was kind of a t.v. show and there were a lot of different artists i remember and then few months later. i was asked to. some shows at the olympian ski and i did know ski. we were very proud to be you know to to come back and to do some shows and and actually i don't know what really happened because we played like four nights in front of eighteen thousand people also it was crazy. so i have no idea if it was difficult to organize or not i don't know ok but you know since then since you came as
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a matter of fact you became one of the favored. singers for the russian audiences which is strange because russians russians have been always more fond of english speaking pop music or italian but but if for some reason you have some clue to the russians world or with your in music have you ever thought why what is it that there that that maybe you have russian roots or something i don't know. well you know i don't know if maybe the the i hope to see the voice does songs that maybe. it's a bit the personality maybe it's the way how i speak how i. there's maybe ten to city and they can find themself you know in my my life too in a way and of course it's very important to be there to be present and. and
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maybe physically i'm close to the. women in a way i look a bit like them. yes. and i don't know you know sometimes it's sometimes it's like a couple it's love and it works for ever and sometimes it's it breaks you have a special feeling towards the russians is russia and it was special for us have to feel that the they understand they they get no actually they grow up in a way with media understand when they use a change even if they like it less or but they understand why i did ditch this choice or and i don't know it's just something inside there. and. there is a whole genre of music right now in russia called. horse flesh also who have
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heard about it but it's it's mostly the music of the slums the music of the that came from prison you know that sort of music that they call shall not pace now not solver shall fall do you think shall soul can be any different than french. i always thought the show also is what you do in france i mean. of course because you know in each language you have some nice melodies you have some inner emotions you have some what what makes it french and some whites. i think it's a language who makes a dramatic. difference because it's. singing langridge and yet my. salad is never there is a little sore i did did the devotional source where the show thought is it is all over or is it just the language you say we. should. but it's
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so close to the. form needs the same kind of music it has the same romance it has the same so yeah i would say it can be different you you had the slogan at least in russia you were famous as the leave magmas ational to the blues no now we're. and you do lots of songs about piaf can you name among your favorite our sisters and because sort of a special feeling you have towards it it. actually. she was she was an artist of course you have to know one of her songs at least one of the songs because she's a part of the music it's where you learn with her voice now to say that she was
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my favorite artist no because that was when i was young girl was too young i started to listen to p.f. when they compare me to her really really yeah of course and newland all. regulator you know we had a but i i and. there's something in the emotions i think. actually you have to prove to have a certain experience of life to interpretate p.f. songs in of easy a way you have to notice emotions despain this. deceptions this. so you don't need to think about them dissin motions to just sing it and. and for me it was important to have a certain courage to do it and maybe. become food and in myself that's the reason i never did it before i sang one of two songs of her but to do
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a whole show i couldn't do it before not like i do it actually you know when you first song of the piaffe song my father was a very old journalist he said kloster so what do you mean he said well there's a time for every singer to start singing piaf do you think this is true do you think it's time comes when you when you have to start thinking or doing doing no no no no i don't think so a but i think days maybe a time where actually i could say ok i do this image and i have to say it was my idea to do this it was the fifty. anniversary of a death in two thousand and thirteen and people around me they were asking me do you. do you have the courage to do it and for me there were two important things the first think was i didn't wanted to be a copy and second it was a stage. kamandi you. pushing
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stage project for me i wanted straight to. you know too too i had some images in front of my face and i just i didn't want it only to to into potato songs i wanted also to do in the much of what i said of her emotions she was believing in god some people who were important in her life like john cook to the theatrical part all this images where suddenly in front of me and this is what the show is oh she could have been alive theoretically today so if she was would you like to me to talk to what would be nice yes what sometimes sometimes of people say oh no no no no because i like to be silly. i think she would i would but i'm sure she would she would love. the sunday or something you'd like to ask. something special you like to talk about discuss something. difficult but you know
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because where when you see when you hear about. some actresses some seniors when you see the movie of levy of wars which was a great movie but they always showed the. dramatical part there must have been some nice parts in the life or she wouldn't have done this passion so you say john you think i live here cause it is to me too dark is it a bit too dramatic overdriven thousands of very good very words you know she was a person who was very extreme on all what she did maybe i don't know because she didn't know what her life is going to be and she wanted to enjoy everything but very much i'm much more disciplined. than her and you know she she was forty seven when she died she was young and she was our father he really was she died with the
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age that i gonna have when i sing her next year he so. my discipline a part is not too good in a way for that but i don't know what i would ask or we're just enjoying the time that we spend together. i'm certainly enjoying that spending this hour with you and my next question is. would you like somebody to sing you after fifty years somebody that you know. that i know here was you imagine somebody doing your songs in the well in the the voting i know yeah some. i know that there are some who are doing it in whole or in here. singing no make i'm wallowing in images . it's great it's great. and yes of course i hope when i'm not there anymore that somebody is going to do and i'll watch but you don't
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have any specific person who she may be she may be the songs that it's difficult because you know the question is there any artist yet you said that you didn't you wasn't really a fan of p.r. from you were younger was there any artist any performer who really influenced you as a young singer. who influenced not really but you know it's always the same it's to the singers that. your parents are listening to like my mom was the reason it was not so much it was more knowledge because my mom was german so it was more. influence not really not really everybody and not one. but i don't know if i would like i would like to have people who are saying me whatever. tell us about
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tell us about. he was he was your first producers some people say you started actually started your career well he does he still cook for you. why does he still cook for you if you have a cook to live here but he's a good cook as he never cooked for me actually i'm sure he would would be too fat and too much to reach. are you still friends but we've never been we never knew really. you know everybody was really talking a lot about it because he has a famous name of a horse and so everybody was. he gave the money to pay the first single that i recall that wasn't a success. but and then he stopped he i of course i invited him to my shows when i met him he said the man was a ruse or but we don't know really charles this is so he's not actually your friend
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so you were his sort of a music business project the didn't work yes yes it is after he gave money to make your first single and it didn't work who gave the money for the second record. a record company a record of well but it helped of course he was there because he gave me the chance that the people at least know me a little bit and then it opened some doors to some important people's record companies exodus. says patricia kos the french pop superstar spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us or we'll be back with you in less than a minute. he
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survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world around him. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the american worker on tape.
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more news today volunteers once again flared up. these are the images go for all of that and seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day. welcome back to spotlight i'm al gore and often just a reminder that my guest on the show today is but was a. cast of french pop superstar you are. still. many plans ahead of you you still you still are.
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most of the people stand as a young singer but you certainly are a legend for many people but for people who are twenty thirty you're a legend you've been you've been there all the time do you feel yourself that you're a legend that you're part of the history of the. this is somehow change you i mean i mean your lifestyle your or your attitude to yourself to the world knowing that your lifestyle yes because my lifestyle is different than it was when i grew up in my little town with my parents dead but doesn't raised the fact that i know from where i'm coming from but it changed and it changed a little bit of. but it's kind of recently due to the confidence to the
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has in myself but this is because i have grown to know to be a grapheme two years ago and it opened an eye of myself a positive one because i was always very critical with myself and since this auto brew graffy i you know i'm i'm it's a person in my life that i said or you know where you have nothing to prove and. you great. and to prove to myself because i like a challenge because i'm curious because i. but so yes it changed this things but i don't know don i'm a legend maybe i would never know it may be you know when i'm dead and when like you said people singing my songs maybe i would know it from somewhere far away so so so when you when you look into the mirror in the morning when you switch on the television and watch your yesterday's concerts on t.v. . are you satisfied what you see you say she's good. how do you how do i look in
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the mirror in the morning after seven hours of struggling that you are not saying you you good girl or that the one who voted no and look tired but when i look. i was a bit critical because you know i always want to find how to make it better it's not the best thing to do but. i can't change and i'm like that when you know you're a star and you're a legend is it harder for you today to speak to me to you want to say what you think do you know what is the sort of so serious self that is you know you just you just don't mind what people will write what people will say people will over there will exaggerate whatever you say you. was maybe sometimes sometimes i you know i i have a certain respect rebut that it's also from. what took what my parents learn to me
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being respectful and not always to say what you really think like gave you know i'm tired. but it's also respect about. the audience is a respect about all these people asking me questions all the people who were there were fayed fools and everything so it's at least i can give this time at least it's exist also because of them of my work of course but because they believe in me and but then i. i you know sometimes it's sometimes it's difficult because you know sometimes you have to play a role with your own role play yourself in this life you know it is you know sometimes when you go on stage and you are tired because you are human being you are not a computer make on off and sometimes i'm tired but i can go on stage and telling to
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the people you know yesterday or travel so much and and i don't know why or yesterday you know there were people who would that were for example that go with what's the name of their girl the guy had recently i mean white house yeah she did that she came and said you're so large thinks. it was you know she was rock n roll it was drugged and she was it was different and few know a. i'm not even you know but. you have to give your best when you go on stage even if you're tired you talk about playing or are you what you are or are you what you play or for right now or giving this these interviews singing do you play yourself or you are what you are what would you say i know i am what i am but sometimes you have to play. you have to
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play a role which is that everything is fine and needs and i don't have pain i don't have a problem i am feeling well because people damn not coming to your show to hear you complain that they have an offer you probably want to share nice time. that's and sometimes it is tiring sometimes it is difficult you know you have to look great you have to give a hundred percent of what you are to this people because they are there patricia many people of. my generation your generation say that there are big problems in popular music today around the world wherever the miracle in england in france so do you agree that there are problems in music that there that the people don't generate as much wonderful artists wonderful music as they used to do in the seventy's eighty's. well of course it's their problems internet is
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a problem. in a way because you know it all saw for me there are a lot of artists that i that i. listen to that i would never knew if i wouldn't have internet so they are also a good part of that it's this free. free community shuffle over from asia. you know i. i think the whole world it's not just the music industry it's the whole world is difficult there's no communications any more of the people are communicated by even by s.m.s. you see and sometimes i go in a restaurant i see you koppel are young you have full. they don't even look to each other they just roll things you know they do can you post with the not so subtle
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it's just. and you know and sometimes. i'm not against critics because you can't you can't please everyone. but but it's easy to say words yes no i don't like it it's you know they don't even think how much time you spend to do a project to prepare project to. it's i don't know i think and what the whole world will i would i would say the whole world is different ok patricia thank you very much messier for this interview i wish you all the success i wish you good trip i wish you have more rest and you know. this. famous words the staying the road be yourself no matter what they say you do it you do it better than most of the people ratio gosh. just a reminder that my guest on the show today was patricia
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a french pop star that's all from all of us spotlight spotlight will be back with more personal comments i was going on in and outside pressure to tell them stay and party and take care. a lot closer to the platform. and. on to judicial. nominees of his if he didn't and if you know. it's really past pretty soon as he tossed the issues he's going to move. if it. can change in a. pic of him
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